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Higgins Engineering, Inc. (HEI) is a civil engineering consulting firm established in 1984.  For over 30 years, HEI has been solving practical problems in the disciplines of water resources, water quality, hydrology, hydraulics, environmental assessment and analysis, and permit processing and approvals. Clients are served in both the public and private sectors with services ranging from specific to ongoing consulting. 

HEI services are not limited to highly technical services, but also in areas with community involvement.  Services include expert testimony to highly technical design to supervision.

The company's office is located in West Palm Beach, Florida, which enables easy access to various governmental agencies for performing research or coordination during a regulatory process.  The small size of the firm allows responsive personalized services to clients.

Higgins Engineering is certified by the South Florida Water Management District as a Small Business Enterprise and is also certified as a Small Business Enterprise with both Palm Beach County and the City of West Palm Beach. 

The firm sponsors the American Water Resources Association and other technical conferences where new developments in the field of water resources are always on the cutting edge.  HEI also interacts and keeps contact with academia and research institutes, as well as different engineering/technical societies such as Florida Engineering Society, American Society of Civil Engineers, Water Management Institute, and American Water Resources Association.

The size of projects previously, or currently involved with, range from small (1 to 2 acres) up to regional investigations covering over 100 square miles.

Previous experience of Higgins Engineering personnel includes employment at public agencies and private consulting firms.  This diversity in work experience allows company personnel to work well with both public and private clients.  In addition, it provides a better understanding of public agencies in coordination and processing of permit applications.