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Client Name: Toll Brothers, Inc.

  • Jupiter Country Club

Water Management Design, Hydraulics Analysis, South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) permitting and on-going construction observation of a 500 acre golf/residential development in Palm Beach County.  Construction design of surface water management system, construction design of spine road and rough grading for residential pods.  The water management system includes a gated structure which allows water to be directed into Riverbend Park, which is owned by the SFWMD.  Obtained Town of Jupiter approvals for water management system.

Client Name: Minto Communties, Inc.

  • Portosol, a.k.a. Okeechobee Lakes

Construction design and permitting of a water management system for a 250 acre residential development in Palm Beach County.  The system is designed to provide water quality treatment and attenuation of the peak runoff rate.  During peak times, the water management system will accept flows from the Pond Cypress Natural area through a gated structure.

Client Name: WCI Communities, Inc.

  • Old Palm Golf Club

Design of water management system for a residential/golf course development in Palm Beach County.  The project also involved the hydraulic modeling of the Northern Palm Beach County Unit of Development 2, revising basin alignments, re-evaluating the control elevations and relocation and improvement of water control structures, specifically Structure W-10, to increase flood protection and conserve resources.

Client Name: WCI Communities, Inc.

  • SFWMD C-18 Canal Widening

Widening of the north portion of the SFWMD C-18 Canal, permitting and construction inspection services for the reshaping, spoil removal, headwalls, and 60" culvert installation for project outfalls from the Florida Turnpike west 1.25 miles along Parcel 19.

Client Name: Carr Residential, Inc.

  • Pembroke Harbor, Broward County

Design, hydrologic analysis and permitting of a 150 acre residential/commercial project in Broward County.  The project involved site filling and grading, construction and operation of a surface water management system and construction of a 31.2 acre mitigation area.

Client Name: Palm Beach County Capital Improvements

  • South County Regional Park

Surface and groundwater analyses in support of the water use permitting effort for a 27 hole golf course to be located in Southern Palm Beach County.  The evaluation included the application of the USGS modflow model to evaluate drawdown impacts for both irrigation and dewatering withdrawals.

Client Name: Village of Wellington

  • Wellington Basin B Plan

Hydraulic modeling of Basin B and revisions to water control structures, culverts and pump stations to re-route the flow from Wellington Basin B to Basin A to divert flows from the Everglades to meet water quality standards.

Client Name: Arvida/JMB Partners

  • Weston

Master water management system design and permitting for Increments II and III including water control structures and pump station design.  Environmental permitting of a 1,300 acre wetland restoration / mitigation project.  Performed hydrologic and water budget modeling of the wetland hydroperiod; construction coordination; hydrologic analysis; and wetland restoration.

Client Name: GL Homes/Minto Communities, Inc.

  • Kennedy Groves DRI

Preparation of a conceptual water management plan for a 3,845 acre mixed use DRI project.  Prepared and processed application with the South Florida Water Management District.